Review: Suicide Squad

I suppose ultra-violent could begin to describe what I believe is the best DC movie in years.

While this flick isn’t technically a sequel (even though they refer to events in the first movie), I saw it as more of a reboot of sorts – in my opinion.

No spoilers here, but Gunn really knocked this one out of the park. None of our super villians are safe, and a couple have gruesome ends along the way.

The story is simple – the villians are asked to take out a monster by the orders of Amanda Wallace. In usual fashion she attempts to double cross them along the way but eventually let’s them off the hook once their objective is complete.

If you love humor this movie is for you. However, be warned if you are sensitive to gruesome violence and death…well maybe steer clear.

Make no mistake this fun, gory chaotic ride finally does Task Force X justice.

It is brilliant.

What do you think?

Written by John

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