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First day on the job and I’m already getting hot flashes

Mrs. Doubtfire

Well, well, well…

Just when I thought switching back to eBay would be a bit more lucrative – there are just as many good for nothing scammers there as well. Perhaps more so than the Facebook Marketplace.

For example, I received an offer on this item. It is a Netgear ProSafe 24 port switch.

The user offered me $45. I accepted the offer and then immediately received a message with a cell phone number of 619-326-4394.

They requested I text them outside of eBay and demanded my Paypal ID so they can make payment.

I attempted to explain to them that eBay now handles all payments and they said they needed my ID, so I sent it.

This is where the plot thickens. LOL

He explained to me that this was a gift to his child and asked that the package be shipped to a different address. RED FLAG #1

I was then told that he also wanted to send his kid a $300 AMEX gift card in the package and he would be adding that amount to the total payment. RED FLAG #2

He wanted me to take that $300 to store an buy the gift card.

Lastly, he stated he would add an additional $50 as a fee for my service. RED FLAG #3

3 strikes. You’re out pal.

It is really shocking that in this day and age, people still fall for this scam.

Here’s what would happen: The seller would want the gift card card number, so he could make off with the $300. The payment method he used is more likely a stolen credit card or Paypal account.

The actual owner of said account would report the transaction as fraudulent to Paypal and or eBay.

The ending result would be me, the seller, getting a hefty chargeback to my bank account and out over $600 by the end of the ordeal.

I’d be out even more if I fell for it and shipped the item.

So don’t fall for it.

As eBay says, only operate through their official channels. Any contact or transactions outside of eBay is likely a violation of their TOS.

Yes I am in the process of doxxing this guy.

This is something I don’t condone, but in my line of work it is what I do.

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