Blog 03.14.2018


I’m back, again. Let’s just say I lost sight of some things that should’ve always been important to me, and tried to go a different way – it didn’t work.

Also recent experiences with the corrupt “good ole boys” network of law enforcement in this area have reignited something in me. It’s time to push the issue again.

More on that in an upcoming blog entry. Let’s just say that cops hate it when you talk them into a corner. There are good cops, but there are way more that are completely ignorant to the law.

I figured out that writing about life, video games,and orĀ  pop culture just was not a passion of mine.

Truth, liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness are the things that are close to my heart. And I think they need to be with the crap going on in the world. For example – the kids skipping school and marching today for gun control were literally the same kids eating Tide Pods a month ago. WTF?

I’ll get into the recent mass shootings including Parkland and Vegas in upcoming entries. No crazy conspiracy theories, just my thoughts regarding the evidence, or lack thereof in some cases.

Getting to the point – there are evil bastards in this world. There will always be evil bastards. There will always be evil bastards that will get their hands on guns whether they are banned are not.

The thought of a good guy not being to protect himself or those around him with gun is absolutely ludicrous. In fact, if you look at official stats, there way more people saved by a good guy with a gun than actual gun deaths in the United States. Look it up.

For those in government that say there is a gun show “loophole” – that is untrue. The same goes for the “online” gun show loophole. It is simply not true. I beg you to attempt to purchase a firearm without a NICs background check. I dare you – see what happens.

Lastly, anything can be classified as an assault weapon. Some crazy lunatic with an ink pen could stab me in the neck…let’s ban all ink pens. You get my drift right?

I’ll step off the old soapbox for now, since this was a completely unplanned rant.

Enjoy your day.

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