SHOCKING! Former Feminists Ticking Biological Clock Causes Major Panic!

Question: “I am a 32-year old woman from Sweden who just started medical studies after completing a PhD in medical sciences. Life is good – however, I know my biological clock is ticking, and I really want kids, but I don’t have a partner. Where are the smart, manly guys interested in a smart, family-minder partner? I used not to worry too much thinking I can always be a single mum if by say 35 I’m still single. It would be tough, but I know I could do it. However, after I started listening to FDR, I feel less comfortable about that option. Of course, I want the best for my potential future baby! I think I would be a great mother, but fatherhood is one thing I can’t provide. I would love to hear your thoughts and maybe get some advice.”

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