Blog 04.13.18


Happy Friday 13th.

Apologies for the lack of updates, a lot of “life” has happened in the last few weeks.

An update – my firearms were finally returned to me. I’m still prepping my lawsuit with my attorney – sadly I cannot share the details of the upcoming legal actions. I can say that I will spend all my savings to dismantle the “good ole boy” network, or go broke trying.

I’ll share details when I can. Trust me – it’ll make for some good reading.

So – the direction I’ll be going a different direction with the site – and will focus on video. I really want to learn more about the video creative process, editing, and just making good content.

I’ll be posting a vlog about the events leading up to my illegal detainment, confiscation of my firearms, and a “forced” voluntary hospital evaluation.

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