RIP MOM 1951-2018

Again, I know it has certainly been a long time since I’ve updated this thing.

And this is a blog post I never wanted to have to make.

My Mom passed away from complications due to cancer  on 07/31/2018. She beat small cell lung cancer about 4 years ago – which was a miracle. However, in December 2017 – we  received bad news. A new cancer was back that could not BE identified.

We started chemotherapy again, which eventually proved to be unsuccessful. She was offered an opportunity to start a research drug that was going to reset her body’s ability to respond to treatments. We did that for a few weeks and started chemotherapy again.

A week later she got sick and refused to go to the ER as she just thought it was the side effects of the new treatments. Sadly after 3 days, we ended up in the hospital and things rapidly declined from there. She found herself in the ICU with heart and respiratory failure. Multiple infections started and she slipped away.

We then had to make a difficult decision of letting her go or placing her on a vent – but we were told with all her issues it would prolong the dying process, and she would never get  better.

We decided to do the hard thing and let her go. She suffered for so long and was in so much pain.

I love you Mom.

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