Blog 3.24.20

Well I suppose this could be called the unofficial, official lockdown quarantined blog.

Just like every where else – everything is mostly closed, offering curbside service, or something else trying to maintain resemblance of normal society.

For the first time in my life, I’ve had to ask for help from public assistance. This is mainly due to my untimely and unreasonable demise from Wells Fargo. All that nonsense has been highlighted in my initial blog entry.

This blog has went through many changes and is still a work very much in progress. Hopefully this will be it’s final form. I need to work out the ad situation and tighten up some of the graphics, but I’ll get there.

Blogging/vlogging will be more of a regular thing for me since at this point, I have nothing but time, so perhaps that is a good thing.

Interesting that the time I start getting interviews and call backs – most employers have stopped hiring due to the virus. not to mention that Wells Fargo is actively “black-balling” me to potential employers. That will be another upcoming blog entry where I will include proof.

Short update today, more to come.

What do you think?

Written by John


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