Daily Blog 06.11.2021

Since Craigslist is dead and or dying, I’ve been trying to use Facebook Marketplace.

Let me tell you – it is full of fucking idiotic morons.

  • They either ask if something is available and then ghost you.
  • They make absolutely ridiculous low balls offers.
  • And they act like know everything about whatever you’re selling.

For example, I have an Anbernic RG350 for sale. Think of it as being a portable retro gaming console. It was purchased directly from the manufacturer.

The little millenial babys are accusing of scamming because they have never seen one like the one I have. They’ve done nothing but try to call me out, call me names – and just generally acting spolied children who didn’t grow up with these games.

Next up is the idiot who bought a ham radio from me. He paid me via Cash App and I shipped the radio. This little baby gave me the wrong address and the package was returned to me. Now I’ve attempted to return his money and he never accepted the transaction via Cash App. I assume only so he can sit there like a bitch keyboard warrior and me cal me names.

Step out from behind your keyboard and see what happens next, you little bitches.

I will doxx everyone of you. You’ve no idea who you are messing with.

<end of rant>

What do you think?

Written by John

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