Daily Blog 06.18.21

I guess now is the time to deal with these little keyboard warrior kiddies who think they know absolutely everything about the Internet – more specifically YouTube.

See, this little baby, Jay Diaz on Facebook, has been giving me hell on my page about sharing videos from other content creators. He foolishly says, “You seem to copy That Chapter’s” videos a lot.

He then proceeds to make the claim that i am stealing content; when he simply does not understand how the Youtube embed policy works.

See when a video is embedded, a link to that video on the content creator’s page is automatically included on this video itself. For example, you click the video, it goes to their YouTube page. This only generates more revenue for that creator – which is why sharing is so important.

Per YouTube:

If a video creator leaves the embed functionality enabled for a video, that person has agreed to allow other people to share that video on other mediums (including websites) without YouTube’s prior written permission according to YouTube’s Terms of Service.If a video creator, on the other hand, disables embed functionality for a video, that person does not grant public use of a video, and per YouTube’s Terms of Service, anyone wishing to share that video on any medium would require prior written permission from YouTube.

In shorter terms, he’s a fucking idiot.

What do you think?

Written by John

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