Daily Blog 08.13.2021

Happy Friday 13th y’all!

I will sometimes pick a “Jason” movie to watch on Friday 13th. Not sure if I’ll be able to do that today as I am on a search to get vaccinated.

Yes, I have procastinated and actually tested positive earlier this year. While I didn’t get really sick, I certainly knew something was off.

I suppose I got lucky.

Anywho, I have notice an increase of Karen keyboard warriors in the Facebook Marketplace where I do most of my business these days. These guys think they are anonymous and can say anthing they want about the 30 some odd listings I am currently running.

They don’t realize my super powers and what I can do to them if I choose to do so. They’ve ptactically given me all the data I need by posting a rude comment on my listing.

They will, at the least be added to the Idiots of Facebook Marketplace group for all to see.

What do you think?

Written by John

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