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Blog 04.16.2022

Long time again, eh? I suppose I just really haven’t had anything to say.

There’s still not a lot to tell – the job search is still ongoing.

While at times, interviews are plentiful, I usually told I am over qualified if I’m given a reason at all.

I can’t even get a job at a fast food restaurant or any retail store around. This is getting to be a bit frustrating most days.

Let’s not even talk about all the job related scams that are out there.

So far, I’ve been able to squeak out somewhat of a living buying and selling on Facebook. But it’s not a guaranteed income and dealing with of these people just makes you want to pull your hair at times.

Most people think they deserve to get something for nothing.

I used to feel better updating this blog without the traffic even, It can be rather therapeutic.

Maybe I’ll get back to doing that.

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