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360° Airline Pilot’s View | Miami – Bahamas | American Eagle E-175


360° Airline Pilot’s View | Miami – Bahamas | American Eagle E-175

360° Cockpit view of the first-ever American Eagle (Envoy) Embraer-175 flight from Miami (KMIA) to North Eleuthera Island, Bahamas (MYEH).

You’ll be sitting up front in this fully interactive video with Captain Joe, First Officer Dean, and videographer Swayne. North Eleuthera Island has never seen an airplane this big, so this empty flight gave our ground crews the chance to work with the new E-175 for the first time before revenue passenger service.

STUDENT PILOTS + FLIGHT INSTRUCTORS… This is your chance to experience the workflow that pilots face when running checklists, navigating through stormy weather, departing from busy airspace, and landing at a non-towered airport. Flying into the North Eleuthera Island Airport (MYEH) in the Bahamas looks a lot different than pretty much every airport back in the USA.

We operate fully VFR in/out of MYEH, since there’s no air traffic control or radar coverage. Plus, its single runway is only 6,000 feet long with no visual approach guidance from a PAPI or VASI. It’s the perfect spot to refine your visual and hand-flying skills.

The terminal has just one room, an outdoor boarding lounge, and no jetbridges. Being one of the most stunning Caribbean Islands, North Eleuthera is also very busy.

You have to pay close attention to the uncontrolled CTAF (airport traffic) frequency to keep tabs on the location of multiple general aviation, airline, and charter flights into the airport.

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