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From Singer To Sex Offender

True Crime

From Singer To Sex Offender

This is the story of R.Kelly Singer to S*x Offender. In September of 2021, world-famous RnB singer R.

Kelly was tried by a jury in Brooklyn on charges of human trafficking, sexual exploitation of a child, and racketeering.

In a sensational development, the jury returned a guilty verdict. Federal prosecutors are now asking a district court judge to give R. Kelly a prison sentence of “over 25 years” for his crimes against women and children.

So here’s the thing. Why did it take so long? After twenty years of allegations of abuse, why did this case only hit the courtroom now?

Did the ‘I believe I can fly’ singer try to actively avoid the justice system?

Why did it take a documentary, a massive public outcry, and a public breakdown on television to make this man stop committing these crimes?

And is 25 years anywhere near enough for what he deserves, after everything he did.

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