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Blog 7.2.22 – A Family Full Of Karens


Blog 7.2.22 – A Family Full Of Karens

You know for years I have let ignorant, controlling family members control my life.

My so-called family is full of nothing but “Karens” and would be male/female “HItlers”.

These fracking morons would often tell me, as an adult man, what i can post on my own web site (which I pay for), Twitter, and Facebook.

Truth be told, they’ve done nothing but make asses out of themselves and showed their stupidity.

I am absolutely done with putting up with the bullying and harassment.

They will all find out soon that they are responsible for their words and actions – as the justice system has some coming charges for them all.

Be thankful for the brief reprieve the pandemic gave you.

This is now a matter for the law to decide, and we have been collecting and cataloging evidence since 2019.

Enjoy your freedom while it lasts.

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