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US flight warning – Air travel becoming UNSAFE


US flight warning – Air travel becoming UNSAFE

AN AMERICAN pilot has warned that a nationwide staff shortage is making flights unsafe for passengers.

Dennis Tajer, from the Texas-based pilots union Allied Pilots Association, has said there is currently an “inhumane” level of pressure on pilots, something he thinks is a concern for travellers in the US.

Speaking on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Mr Tajer said passengers should be worried about their safety because of the effect that the shortage is having on pilots.

He said: “They need to be concerned because I’m on TV as a representative for our union saying, ‘There’s a problem here’.

“I don’t fly the airplane unless I’m fit to fly and the airplane’s ready to go. But the fact that you’re pushing us and pushing us… This is not a safety culture.”

The pilot shortage has contributed to thousands of flights being cancelled or delayed, with airlines struggling to meet demands.

As of 5pm Thursday, over 3,800 flights were delayed within, into, or out of the US, according to FlightAware.

An additional 776 flights were cancelled across the nation.

Over the Juneteenth holiday weekend, at least 14,000 domestic flights were canceled or delayed nationwide, with more than 900 flights grounded on Sunday alone.

Delta was among the airlines with the most cancellations, with at least 200 flights halted.

Source: The Sun

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