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David Sparks and the disappearance of Savannah Spurlock

True Crime

David Sparks and the disappearance of Savannah Spurlock

Savannah Spurlock, 22 years old and mother to four boys, went missing after a night out at the bar with friends in Lexington, Kentucky in January 2019.

On a Facetime call with her mother around 3AM, Savannah was intoxicated but not distressed. She said she was with friends and would be home in the morning. But when Ellen Spurlock awoke that morning, she found that her daughter had not made it home.

The search for Savannah was a massive effort that brought national attention. For six months the local community and out-of-state organisations scoured across Garrard County and further afield, hoping for any clue that could lead to the young mother’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, the investigation focused on three men that had been spotted with Savannah at the bar on the night she disappeared. All three were questioned by police, but they said only one of these men left investigators feeling unsettled, and very suspicious.

David Sparks, a self-professed “psychopath”, told investigators that he hoped Savannah was “alright”.

Disturbingly, he was the one person who knew for certain that was not the case.

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