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Blog 7.9.22

Week 2 is in this books for the new job. I really think it is going well.

I’ve also enjoyed getting to know, and working with a new team.

This doesn’t mean that I’ve put my goals and dreams on hold. Right now, I’m in the money making/saving mode.

I made a list of pros/cons, as well as things I need to accomplish and or buy before moving onto the next journey in this life.

My life is so much more peaceful since removing and ignoring those toxic family members I had previously allowed to control my life.

Let me be super honest:

  • I gave up my life in Charlotte to help take care of my dying Mom. She asked me to move home as she said she could not depend on Dad to take care of her. No one appreciates that.
  • NO ONE CONTROLS ME and can tell me what to do. Those who do under the auspice of caring are merely attempting to exert their control and will over me. They’ve done nothing but make jackasses of of themselves.
  • The words of those ex-family members matter legally. The pandemic bought you time but it only gave me more time to document your illegal activities. Yes, I am suing certain family members, law enforcement, judges, hospitals, etc. All legal documents, videos, and images I can post will be added here.
  • I have not nor have I ever used drugs. Even if I did, it would be no business of yours.
  • My ex-family is full of rumor-mongering “Karens”. They would sell their souls just for the opportunity to talk about each other behind their backs – then go have Christmas dinner with them.
  • The ex-family members are ignorant when it comes to technology. You honestly want me to go back to being the old me? That’s on you, since, if you’re reading this, you have already been hacked at every level possible. My knowledge and abilities far exceed anything you could possibly even begin to understand. You’re fools.
  • Lastly, any further actions and indiscretions will be treated and charged as felonies. Don’t believe? Oh please, oh please, try me.

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