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Dai Morris and the controversial Clydach murders

True Crime

Dai Morris and the controversial Clydach murders

In the early morning of 27 June, 1999, residents of Clydach began to gather outside a blaze at number 9 Kelvin Road. They knew that Mandy Power, along with her two young daughters – Emily 8 and Katie 10 – and her elderly mother, Doris Dawson, were meant to be inside.

After firefighters managed to control the flames, emergency responders entered the house and made a horrific discovery. This was the scene of brutal attack and the house fire appeared to be an attempt to hide the evidence.

This is the story of the most expansive case ever investigated by a Welsh police force. Over two decades it has been the source of heated debate and controversy; spurring multiple documentaries in the United Kingdom and prompting a re-examination of the evidence as late as 2021.

David ‘Dai’ Morris was convicted of the Clydach murders – twice – yet there are many that question whether he was simply a convenient scapegoat for a corrupt police department and the real killer – or killers – have been walking free.

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