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Eddie Ray Routh & The Chris Kyle Murder

True Crime

Eddie Ray Routh & The Chris Kyle Murder

In Texas, in early 2013, two well-intentioned friends picked-up a young, troubled ex-marine for an afternoon of intended bonding and healing – at the shooting range.

Chris Kyle, a veteran of the Iraq War and the most effective sniper in US history had made a promise to the ex-marine’s mother that he would do everything that he could to help her son who like himself and many others, had struggled with post-traumatic stress after serving the US military.

Chad Littlefeild, a kind-hearted soccer Dad, neighbour, and close friend of Chris’ came along for support. No one knows exactly what happened inside Eddie’s mind that day. But after only only a short time at the range, he turned his gun on his companions.

The actions that Eddie took afterwards, some seemingly sensible and others very bizarre, were became the source of debate in the prosecution that followed. Eddie claimed he was paranoid. He said he believed in pig-human hybrid assassins. He said he was schizophrenic – and he claimed he did what he had to do.

But how much of that was true?

Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation:

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