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Review: Galaxy S22 Ultra


Review: Galaxy S22 Ultra

I have had this phone for awhile now.

This won’t be a traditional review that hashes out every little feature, just my experiences in the last couple months.

And this thing a beast – pure and simple.

In my opinion, this phone shows that Samsung is really listening to their fans. It has an even sleeker design, amazing screen, faster S Pen, and a ton of camera upgrades.

Other than the awesome display, I noticed immediately that the S Pen seemed a lot faster. Never being a fan of a stylus as well as a Steve Jobs “mark” concerning touch screen devices – I realized how useful this damn little pen was right out of the box.

Per the norm these days, this one doesn’t come with a charger. You can opt to upgrade to a killer 45 watt fast charging brick but I utilize wireless charging via a 10 watt charging pad. I get about 2 days of almost constant use for personal and business, then just leave it on the charging pad over night as needed.

The camera is a serious upgrade as well and offers a night shot mode that you can actually use. This is the best camera in an Android phone if not the best cell phone camera in any phone – easily making the iPhone 13 look like a toy.

I can almost get DSLR quality images and prints from the camera on the S22 Ultra. It is that good.

There are a few drawbacks to consider – first being the price as this guy is expensive but will come down in price over time. It was also hard to find one unlocked. Next up is the battery life. All the upgrades give this phone less battery life than the S21 but I am OK with that.

Lastly I’ll touch on the design. As mentioned it is quite sleeker and more durable than ever. Protected by an aluminum armor frame and Gorilla Glass Victus – I’d almost be willing to go “naked” and rock this phone without a case. But let’s not get too carried away.

In closing – flagship phone, flagship specs. All well worth the price.

Suck it Apple.

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