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Blog 02.07.23

Well happy day.

Guess who’s back? It sure has been a long time since an actual blog entry.

Lot’s of things happening – some good, some bad but all of that will come to light shortly.

You see I was working a contract position and was promised a 6 month extension as well as an offer of full time employment with the company I was contracted out to.

I had nothing but positive feedback regarding my performance, but going above and beyond doesn’t really mean anything anymore I suppose.

After buying a car – my agency let me know that not only was I not going to get my renewal — the full time position I also was promised, was cancelled due to budgetary concerns.

I will refrain from mentioning my agency and the actual company I performed the work for.

For now.

I’ll close this bit out simply by saying that this was the most unprofessional experience I have ever had working from contract to contract.

I missed out on so many other opportunities due to the false promises and offers previously mentioned.

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