Area 6 Secret Base Satellite Photos

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Most people, including defense industry experts, have only known about the existence of Area 6 for a few years, specifically when a photograph taken from a satellite in 2016 put the Nevada Desert location in the spotlight.

Even though the facility has existed for decades, it was only when internet sleuths spotted the cryptic airbase in the middle of nowhere that the world’s eyes turned to it and whatever military projects take place inside. Several experts have tried to make sense of the few explanations that public figures have offered about the mysterious airstrip, but it is believed that the base has held the most secretive government projects for decades.

One day in 1982, President Ronald Reagan was notified of a top secret that posed a considerable risk to national security. Inside Area 6, a live nuclear bomb was being carefully lowered when, out of nowhere, a group of armed combatants suddenly stormed in…

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